It's good to be queen
Smash Academy.

[Hey it's Nailah's face! She seems a lot more used to having a camera now]

During my short time here, I have been amazed by many of your students and faculty. It would seem that the excitement does not die down. I can see why Ulki and Rhys have come to such a place. It is incredibly interesting and far beyond my wildest dreams. It is heartwarming to see beroc and laguz living together, even if they are called by other names here.

There is also..a lot of excitement, as the latest week has taught me. I have become another animal than my own clan and while the experience was certainly...eye opening, I do hope it will never happen again. It has also changed my resolution and what I must do. I am a queen, not a simple princess after all, and my people need me. But there was something I felt missing, and it was not until I came to this school, as short as this stay has been, that I realized what I needed to do. Then everything finally fell into place. It is therefore with great pride that I relay this message.

[And the image pans. And Nailah totally shows her bling bling ring. Which she might have bought and then told Rafiel to put on her if he accepted it.]

I have asked Rafiel's hand in marriage and my heron prince has accepted. We are set to depart to Hatari tomorrow morning at early morning's sunrise to prepare for a marriage, and then a crowning for my consort. I will remember you all fondly.

Some more than others.

EEEEE I am finally going to get some YESSSSSS.

002 - Help computer
Not amused
this monday has a note that says pedagogical day

what does it mean

and if you please can someone help me with this computer i am still having problems

[So...Nailah is still incredibly terrible with computers. You may notice, if you were watching the network at the same time she accidentally turned on the camera, a tall lady, who is staring at the computer, looking confused. She then looks down at her keyboard, her tongue sticking out a little as she cracks her fingers. OKAY.

She starts to typing, using only the second finger of each hand. Very slowly.]


[It took forever.]

my name is nailah and i shall be your physical education teacher.

[It took even more time. She hits send. Nothing happens, because she is still on the camera network, and doesn't realize she has to switch one off to do the other, and the messages are instead going into the chat function and not a journal post.

The lady gets visibly much more angry, and she tries to type it again. Hitting send with the mouse. Still nothing.]


[Oh god she is enraged now, taking the mouse and loudly slamming it against the table. She turns it around OH GOD RED LIGHT AHH quickly turns it back again, rubbing her eye to make sure she can still see. Good.

Suddenly, there is a voice in the back, and her ears dart up as she stands up, distressed.]

Rafiel! Are you alright?!

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